Working Student Position

As Willow Grove Stable is a multi-faceted, commercial equestrian business, students participate in the day-to-day running of a busy enterprise catering for riding lessons, boarders and sale horses.  This is an advantage over the college experience in that students are immediately immersed in the "real world", but it does mean that the attributes of adaptability, good humor and stamina are prerequisites for those students who are to succeed.  Responding quietly and efficiently to the inevitable rushes, particularly on busy weekends, is all part of the training and teaches students to cope under pressure and to perfect their interpersonal and management skills.  In working with their colleagues as a team and meeting the general public they will learn to behave professionally in a variety of situations.  It is this participation in an active business environment that makes graduates of the program so attractive to potential employers.


Intensive Training Course

Individuals frequently contact us to discuss tailor-made training courses.  Sometimes these are students who already hold some past experience or riding qualifications and are looking to move up to the next level or they may be individuals with a life-long love of horses who now find themselves with the time to immerse themselves in an equestrian environment, having never had that opportunity in the past.  Whatever the level, whatever the ultimate ambition, we can create a training course to suit every need.


Barn Duties:

Because of the need to perform all practical tasks with a high degree of professionalism, each student is required to participate in the daily barn routine, having responsibility for the care of a number of horses and fully participating in any duties required throughout the day.  The working week varies throughout the year and show season schedule but is normally six days a week Tuesday through Sunday and barn duties commence at 7 a.m. daily.



The following topics will be covered during the training program:

Teaching Practice
Stable Management
Working with Young Stock and Sale Horses



Accommodation can be arranged through WG. One staff apartment may be available on the premises at no charge (including utilities) to working students.  Students are, however, responsible for their own meals and are required to participate in a cleaning roster.



Because our courses are constructed so that the students get first-hand experience of how commercial equestrian operations are run, they are allotted the same time off as the other professionals employed at Willow Grove Stable.  This vacation time is accrued on the basis of one working day per calendar week.  All time off must be applied for in advance and approved by the student's immediate superior.


How to apply:

If you are interested in learning more about the Working Student Position , please contact Trish at

You may be asked to fill a Goal Sheet and Waiver and a video of your riding and/or coaching may also be requested.   Following a review of this informaion an in-person interview will be set up (a Skype session will be possible for those not in the Calgary area).

A Working Student's own horses are welcome but Willow Grove boarding fees will apply.