Our School Horses

Some of our amazing school horses:


Picture to come! 
Nick of Time (aka Nicka) - this horse is available for lease
15.3h Chestnut Gelding

Likes:  Was an orphan who likes that he found a mommy

Dislikes: Getting his feet wet

At A Glance (aka Gracie) - this horse is available for lease
16h black thoroughbred mare

Likes: Apples and Snuggles


Dislikes being interrupted when she is eating

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Ready Set Slow (aka Red)

Likes:  His friends

Dislikes: Going fast.  Hece the name

Picture to come! Flower
Best Pony Ever!

Likes:  Fresh green grass and little kid lessons


Dislikes: Baths and staying clean


Klaus - this horse is available for lease

Likes: Mares

Dislikes: Going fast

 Picture to come! Count on the Man
16.1h Thoroughbred

Likes: A good scratch


Dislikes: Going slow

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Large Paint Pony

Likes: Running around the yard


Dislikes: Staying in his pen 

14.3h Chestnut Arabian Gelding

Likes: unlike most horses his ears back is his happy face


Dislikes: jumps that are too small 

 Rocky   Rocky
 Picture to come!   Travolta
BringItOn   Blitz


Past School Horses

Some of our school horses who taught many riders. Forever in our hearts.








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