Coaching Camp and Mentorship

The coaching camps are intensive, fun days of coaching development covering the outcomes required by Equine Canada and the National Coaching Certification programs.

Review of the NCCP Model

5 Core Competencies
Specific Coaching Outcomes
Long Term Equestrian Development

Plan a Schooling Session
Written Lesson Plans

Identify appropriate logistics for lesson/schooling session
Identify appropriate activities in each part of a structured lesson plan
Design an emergency action plan (EAP)

Provide Support to Athletes in Training

Teaching and Learning in the Equestrian Environment
Ensure lesson environments are safe.
Teach an appropriately structured and organized schooling session/ lesson.
Demonstrate teaching behaviours/interventions that promote learning.          

Analyzing Performance

Detect errors horse/rider skills.
Correct errors in rider/horse skills.
Observed during lessons

Design a Sports Program

Outline program structure based on available training and competition opportunities
Identify program measures to promote rider/horse development
Develop practice plans that integrate seasonal training priorities

Managing a Sport Program

 Manage administrative aspects of program and oversees logistics
Report on athlete progress throughout program
Helping you & your riders to set goals

Competition Simulation Training


Supporting the Athlete in the Competitive Environment
Prepare for readiness in competition
Make effective interventions during and after the competition

Evaluation Schedule: Thursday evening, Friday and possibly
all day Saturday depending on numbers
Evaluations and Assessment for Instructors and Competition Coach

If you are interested in participating in any of the upcoming Coaching Evaluations please contact:

 Erin Lundteigen, Coaching Administrator
Alberta Equestrian Federation

Suite 100 , 251 Midpark Blvd SE
Calgary Alberta, T2X 1S3
Phone: 403-253-4411
Fax: 403-252-5260
Toll Free: 1-877-463-6233



Coaching Mentoring dates are coming soon. Please contact us directly at for more information.